New technology you need help with?


Technology support for home and small business.

Small business

Do you need someone to keep your computer(s) up to date but you are not big enough for this to be a full time job?
Is there a job that must be done infrequently but you don't want to use a temping agency ?
Embarking on a new project where you need some outside help on a part-time, short-term contract ?


Not sure of how to make your new camera/phone/iPod/etc. work with your computer and need some help?
You want to share your broadband with the whole family but don't know how to set it up ?
Want to sell those old items on eBay but don't know how it works ?
Thinking of buying a new home cinema and are confused by the jargon and choice ?

Lonsco can help with all of these problems and many more.

We work on a daily, hourly or one-time charge rate basis so you only pay for what you use - you decide what is best for you.

No job considered too big or too small so get in touch to see if we can help.

Across the Bucks Berks, Oxon and Herts area Lonsco can act as a Man Friday for all those somehow technology-based things that need doing but you can't spare the time or don't have the expertise for.

Recent examples of how we have helped small businesses are:

Part-time, outsourced channel management for a Norwegian software company
Assisting a film industry company with component sourcing for a new equipment project
Helping set up a bureau service for a Wycombe-based software company
Sub-contract on a 3rd party tax return product

...and for the home:

Install and set up a new external back up to make sure those precious and irreplaceable digital photos are safe
Extend the use of a wireless router throughout the whole house
Make a printer shareable for all the family from different computers

We are here to assist those who sometimes simply need some outside help, that extra pair of hands or some guidance on technical or commercial issues.

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